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Meet Ginger Quinlan 
Witching Hour Hats & Gifts

About Witching Hour Hats and Gifts...


My name is Ginger Quinlan and I am delighted to share with you my handmade creations. I started making hats and body products in 2010, for my friends, family, and clients.  It grew from a hobby to a passion and now my full - time job.

My path of being a certified psychic medium, crystal healer, Reiki Master, and a brick and mortar Metaphysical store owner taught me about the beauty of creating what you love and sharing it with the world.  So this is my little spot in the world where I share what I create with you. Welcome to my site!


My greatest love is creating Witch hats, but I LOVE making all kinds of hats.  I started making hats with a Victorian, Parisian flair.  From there I branched out into Cos-play, Gothic, Steampunk, Fantasy, and Wedding themes. I also design custom requests for customers to meet their Costume, Ritual, or Cos-play needs. 



The same goes for all the bath and body products I create.  Every item is sprinkled with positive energy, focused intention, and channeled energy just for you. Intention is put into  every item I create.

I also love to make body products to enhance your energy, soothe your mind, and refresh your body and Soul.


Perfume roll-ons  and bath salts are unique blended scents that create a sensory experience for the wearer.  I have researched and studied the art of perfumery and creating herbal combinations that resonate to certain energies and intentions for the last 25 years.  All of my products are made this way. in a sanitized, sparkling clean environment, using the highest grade organic oils, salts, and other ingredients to create the perfect Magickal energetic experience for you.

Perfume Roll Ons

Bath Salts

I now offer Intention Boxes which contain a complete kit to assist you in shifting your energy and telling the Universe what you wish to bring forward or release in your life.  This is a monthly subscription box which you can find here...

Intention Box Subscription

I love, love, love to do custom work and fill large orders. If you are looking for something specific please reach out to me. I look forward to creating something very special just for you or for your loved ones.

Wishing you Magickal Blessings!


***If you are placing an order or buying an already made hat, please place your order before the 15th for Solstice, the 20th at the latest for it to be shipped to your recipient in time for Christmas.***

ginger@ witchinghourhatsandgifts

770 925 5524