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   Ginger Quinlan 

         Certified Psychic Medium,

      Teacher, Energy Healer, Author,

     Artist & Radio Personality

5 Question Internet Readings now available.

Ask five specific questions, including first names of people. If you are asking about people or pets who passed please let me know they are deceased.  I give detailed answers in an email within 3-5 days depending on the volume of requests.

Email your questions to

Full Moon Bath Salt with Moon charm_edit

Ginger Quinlan is one of 21 people in the world that has been scientifically tested and certified as a real "Psychic Medium." She has worked with people from all walks of life, all over the world, counseling and sharing her special talents in speaking with the Other Side.  I am beginning to offer email readings ONLY starting March 10th, 2020. 

 Ginger loves to create energetic products to enhance your life.  She thrives on sharing her knowledge of spirituality and intuitive studies. You will find a a wonderful teaching page on this site to help you discover your intuitive abilities, and Mediumship gifts.

Stayed tuned for Ginger's new show,  Witch Hats & Broomsticks Podcast New shows are starting back up April 1st, 2020.


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About  Witching Hour Hats & Gifts~  After having her thyroid removed in June 2019,, Ginger could not speak for the next eight months, due to damage to her vocal cords and lymph nodes in her throat.  During that time of being very quiet, Ginger started going back to her roots of practicing her Art. She created Victorian witch hats, bath salts, oils and brews. 

As a young woman, Ginger studied herbalism, the healing arts, and Earth - based practices, immersing herself into the Craft and Native American Traditions of healing.  She loved working with the Mother Earth  energies and dedicated her life path to create healing, consulting with people to help heal their lives, and creating magickal items to assist in that process. 


 Within two weeks of finishing up her first batch of hats and bath salts, Ginger stumbled across the Auction groups on Facebook to sell her wares...hence Witching Hour Hats & Gifts. You can find her selling her hats, incense, oils, and brews in the Rebel Magick Auction House and here.

Follow this link to join and start bidding on your favorite items.

If you are looking for a custom Pointy Witch hat, she would be delighted to accomodate you. Each hat is custom made, OOAk (one of a kind), just for you! If at anytime,you wish to have Ginger create a custom perfume roll-on, oil blend for ritual use, custom incense scent of bath salts, room spray, Magick Witch Ball or broom, please reach out by clicking on the link below.

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