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The School of Witchery

Upcoming Courses

Courses are delayed due to health starting dates will be announced as soon as I get my vocal chords healed.  Sorry for the delay!

Welcome to the School of Witchery, a unique experiential, "hands - on" school that  will guide you into the depths of creating your own personal path.  If you are new Witch, an Eclectic Witch, a seasoned Witch, maybe just a seeker of what you are truly interested in, this School offers many courses for you to explore.  

Payment options are available to all students.

  Subscriptions are available for $25.00 a month. You are billed each month and receive two courses a month.  

Monthly fully paid courses are also available as well as payment plans. You will find all the payment information in the links when you sign up for your courses.

Each course is self - paced so you can get the most out of it and not feel pressured to finish at a certain time. There will be webinar', Q & A sessions, and live rituals online that you will be invited into.  Videos, lectures, written information are all available in each course as well. 

Your teacher, Ginger Quinlan, will not just be your teacher, but your Mentor and Guide as you learn to work with the Craft, work with Crystals, herbs, oils, Energy, Making Magick through spellwork, creating sacred space, setting up an altar, working on enhancing your life with Witchcraft, and so much more!

These are courses are designed to take you into the path that suits you best, not what I think you should be doing or practicing according to a certain branch of the Craft!

Sign up links will be available March 21st right here on the School of Witchery Page.

Creating Magick ~ Starts April 5th, 2020

Dive into the fundamentals of Creating Magick!  What is Magick?  How do you work your Magick? Karma and the 3 Fold Law, How to get your Magick going. Practical demonstrations to help you discover just how magickal you really are! Practice homework and a meditation to take you on a magickal journey into your Inner Witchiness!

Moon Magick ~ Starts April 10th, 2020

Discover the energies of each moon phase. Practice Rituals to align you with the moon, her energies, her cleansing and manifesting nature and how you can tap into that energy.  Moon Meditation and Videos to guide you in practicing your Craft with the Moon.

Casting a Magickal Circle ~ How to Protect Yourself while doing Magick

Starts April 15th, 2020

Master the Art of Casting a Magickal Circle, raising a cone of power, invoking Protection, Gods, Goddesses, the Elements, and the Ancestors, (if this is needed) while creating Spells, doing ceremonial celebrations, working with the Full or New moon, performing healing or whatever you are being called on energetically to do with Witchcraft or energy work.  

The Elements ~ Starts April 25th, 2020

This course is broken up into four shorter courses. Each element will have a meditation to guide you into the feel and properties of each element.  You will learn how to call in the Elements, how to end them on their way and how to work with each element individually.

The Elements ~ Working with the East ~ Element of Air 

The Elements ~ Working with the South ~ Element of Fire

The Elements ~ Working with the West ~ Element of Water

The Elements ~ Working with the North ~ Element of Earth

Beltane ~ Celebrating Sacred Sexuality ~ Starts April 30th, 2020

Banishing & Protection ~ How to create a Banishing Spell ~

How to Invoke and practice protective Magick! ~

Starts May 10th, 2020