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It's been a year now since my throat went haywire. I lost my voice, my energy and my ability to talk for Spirit. Since that time, I had my thyroid removed in June 2019, along with four lymph nodes in my throat. It has been a super hard long journey,

Recently I have been feeling way more like myself again, my "healthy" new self. My voice is starting to come back some, still not there some days, but even with that going on, the other part of me that loves to work with people and do readings, has been coming back. Yep, I feel like Spirit is nudging me to get back into offering some readings and see how my energy does with that. I truly want to jump right back in and do phone readings but I know my throat will not allow it yet. My voice lasts about 20 minutes before it gives out and I cannot talk beyond a croak or whisper. (frustrating for sure)...but my fingers are NOT broken and my energy is clear and strong, so next best thing...email readings! YAY!!!

So I am offering email readings, just like I did before all this happened with my health. The links to purchase a reading is on my new website ~ The Mystical Wares Shop on my home and my about page. I have new classes coming up (I hope), but they are delayed because my throat has been disrupted the last month. I will publishing more about classes as this month of March progresses and I can get the classes recorded and completed. My new podcast Witch Hats & Broomsticks is shifting too after a hiatus (strep throat shut me down). I will be including more topics beyond just the Craft, with special guests coming on in April as well. To me, all things Magickal, energetic and Soul Awakening mesh together. So here we go with another new beginning for me in this life of working with Spirit and getting my health on the right track.

Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive, wrote me beautiful letters this past year to wish me well, and for being so incredibly patient with me as I went through another healing journey. Three major life threatening surgeries in five years is a lot! I have learned that being quiet for 10 months sucks! I have also learned that being quiet for 10 months is empowering when healing your energy, kind of a double edged sword. Now I find myself wanting to go into offering my healing energy to others again, but offering it in a way that I know will be safe for my throat which is not quiet healed yet and good for my Soul which is nudging me forward.

So here we go...I look forward to reading for you!

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Brightest Fresh Start Blessings,



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