Intention Subscription Boxes are now available!

I am super excited to offer a monthly subscription box containing themed materials and tools to assist you in manifesting. releasing, and raising your vibrations.

Each month, starting July 1st, you will receive a small box containing:

A household taper candle that matches the theme color of the intention work.

A Magickally blended oil to dress your candle with and to wear if you choose.

Herbs to dress your candle with or sprinkle around your candle.

A small energetically charged bath salt

Incense (depending on what the theme is)

A co-ordinating Crystal or Crystal Jewelry.

Detailed instructions and any other item that needs to be sent to accomplish the intention of the month.

Boxes are sent out each month around the 1st and the 5th. You will be billed each month as a subscription for your box. You can cancel anytime.

First Box will start July 1st, 2022.


You will receive an email from me with your tracking information included as soon as your box has been shipped.

If you have any problems with your intention box please contact us.

If you do not receive your box and you have a tracking number sent to you, please contact the post office, as we have little to no control after your box is shipped

If your box is damaged in transit, please email us a picture of the damage and we will replace your box.

We do not guarantee any results from the intention box. It is meant to assist you in raising your vibration and manifesting or releasing. You must put the energy into it and focus on what you are creating or releasing for the intention box to fully assist you energetically.

You can subscribe by visiting the Intention Box Subscription page here on my website.

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