Join me for Witch Hats & Broomsticks Podcast~ Coming January 9th, 2020

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

You are being invited into your own Initiation with the Witch Hats & Broomsticks Podcast. Your Host, Ginger Q. will be your Guide, as the High Priestess of the Show. Dive deep into the ways of working with energy, intuitive discovery, and connecting to your amazing "Inner Witch." Each episode will bring you closer to finding your comfort zone in the Craft, while opening your body, mind, and Soul to YOUR own unique Magick.

Ginger has guided students in the arts of Wicca,Celtic traditions, Green Witchery, Kitchen Witchery, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Gods & Goddesses, Moon Rituals,Energy Healing, and Fey Magick.

Now she is ready to bring her wisdom to you in this bi-weekly podcast that illuminates different techniques in the Craft.

Each week we will delve into the centuries-old practice of the Craft. We will learn what is and what is not Witchery, how to use magick for good and not bad, and how you can level up your life with new spiritual experiences in this lifetime and lifetimes to come!

With 38 years of working as a Certified Psychic Medium and just as long as a teacher of the Craft; Ginger will combine her knowledge, experience, and lessons to bring you a fun, enlightening combination of Metaphysical and Witchy topics.

Listen here, every Magickal Monday and Witchy Wednesdays starting January 9th, 2020. Visit You tube for actual demonstrations and live Rituals also beginning in January 2020.

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