The Witching Hour Magickal Podcast is starting this week!

I have been quiet for too long lol...time to start something new and share the energies of healing, insights, and Magickal tips, tricks, and wisdom with the World again. We all know our planet can use all the prayers, love, and positive energy we can give it and each other.

Thank you to everyone who has reached to me to see if I am okay. I am doing pretty good actually. Retirement from Readings has been different, sometimes leaving me feeling like I should be doing something more, so I am. This sight, that you are receiving an email from, has been my creative outlet. I love art, making things, selling my creations, and filling each thing I create with Magickal energetic love and brightness. Since I stopped doing Readings, this site and all my creations have been the thing that has kept me going, kept me healing, kept me connected to the energies of giving love out to the World. I have been doing voice therapy, working hard on being super healthy and I feel pretty amazing now. So with all that being said, there is more for me to do in the world, so here it is...

I decided to start a new podcast this week called the Witching Hour Magickal Podcast. It is all about the paranormal, spirituality, intuition, uplifting your sense of Magick in your life, diving into the topics of manifestation, energetics, deep soul healing, and so much more. I will be having special Magickal guests on along with actual hands-on energy work that you can participate in with me too. I also have a subscription box that I am putting together to compliment this show and let you do some energetic candle work right along with me.

Please join me each week on this website with new Magickal topics! There might even be a night of on-air readings, we shall see. I will be posting the first episode right here and it will be available on Spotify as well as Youtube soon. Subscription boxes will be available on this site as well in the next two weeks and I will be sharing about those too. I am super excited to share with all of you!

Stay tuned!

Brightest Magickal Blessings,


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