Amethyst Healing bath salts were created for the express purpose of clearing away energetic blockages in the body and creating healing in the physical and Auric Field. This bath salt does not guarantee that your ailments will be healed, but what it does do is clear your energy, brightens your Aura, raises your vibration, and clears your Chakras, then with the energies of Amethyst chips this blend also relieves the body of craving addictive substances, clears headaches and body aches, relieves depression, and is an overall uplifting energetic treat for your body and Soul. Dead Sea salt and Pink Himalayan Sea salts are blended with soothing Lavender, uplifting Rose, and invigorating Spearmint. A splash of Cinnamon opens the arteries for better blood flow, white Rosemary relieves pain and opens the energies in the body. Amethyst is an amazing crystal that helps with addictions, headaches, and body aches. Amethyst also opens intuition, calms nerves, relieves panic attacks, clears away negativity, and raises your vibration. This is a best seller among family and friends and now it is here for you to partake of. Enjoy!

 10 ounces. Charged with focused healing energy and intention. Bath Tea Bags Included.

Amethyst Healing Bath Salts with Amethyst Crystal Chips