Clear your energy, open your chakra system and nourish your skin with this lovely Chakra Milk Bath with Flourite Chips.  8 ounces with Bath Tea Bags.
This Milk Bath is designed to clear negative energy form your mind, body and soul, and raise your vibration with Crystals and Reiki included in the salts. Pure essential, organic Bath Salts including Dead Sea Salts and Himalayan bath salts are mixed with pure, organic essential oils.
Ingredients:  Lemon to open your upper chakras ( throat, third eye, and Crown), Clary Sage to clear your base Chakras, low back, abdomen and rib cage).
Flourite opens and clears the chakras, releasing negativity. It is great for opening up the intuitive centers of the throat, forehead, and top of the head. Works as you meditate and work with your Guides and Angels.

Chakra Clearing Milk Bath 8 ounces with Flourite Crystals


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