This is so yummy smelling and feels so GOOD on your skin! Created with Organic Powdered Goat's Milk, Organic Powdered Cacao, layered with Dead Sea Salts, and Himalayan Sea Salts, scented with pure organic essential oils including Vanilla, Rose, and Cacao. Cacao opens the blood vessels up in the body, tightens the skin and gives your body and refreshed feeling. Goat's milk soothes the skin and softens it. This is such a treat for you or a gift for a friend! Pink and Dead Sea Salts detox the body and remove negative energies while giving you a feeling of being clean in body, mind and spirit. The scents of Vanilla and Rose lighten your mood and quiet the heart. You will not want to get out of this bath! 

12 ounces with Bath Tea Bags.

Divine Hot Chocolate Milk Bath


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