Embrace your warrior chic or Soldier God self with this energy boosting, skin nurturing, Chakra clearing milk bath. This bath was created to boost up your energy, help clarify your mind and motivate you to charge through whatever is keeping you down or stuck. Ruby Zoisite chips are included in this bath to help relieve stress, pull in the energy of the Dragons, to breathe your fire, feel your power and release your blockages.  Powdered Goat's Milk is included as well to nurture your skin and make this bath good for your physical well- being too.
Pure organic essential oils include Dragons Blood, Bergamot, Sandalwood, and Vanilla.  Dead sea salts and Himalayan pink salts are also included. Charged with focused warrior energy and will boost up your Base Chakra and Second Chakra! 

Dragon Warrior Bath Salts with Dragon Charm and Ruby Zoisite Chips.

SKU: Dragon Warr

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