This Polysateen large brimmed hat was created to honor the Goddess of Autumn, Autumnus. The cone is lined with a white and black satin ribbon that drapes all the way down past the shoulder blades. Assorted silk flowers with rich Autumn colors also line the wide brim, while sprigs of yellow blossoms, Hay, Acorns, long silky green leaves, berries peek out from the flowers. Black silk mums, roses and Glittered fall leaves give this hat layers of color and depth. Black and Gold glittered balls also adorn the brim and give the hat textures. Burgundy silk Sunflowers set this hat off on the front and in the back. Large black and red Ostrich feathers reach up to the cone. A large gold Organza bow also drapes down the back of this hat making it a show stopper for your Harvest Celebrations, Masquerades, or Halloween Night.

Goddess Autumnus Witch Hat


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