Honey and Oats Salt Bath ~ 10 ounces with a loofah scrub mitt included.

Indulge your body, mind and soul in this amazing, healing salt bath. Created with organic rolled oats, Epsom and Dead Sea salts, this bath will nourish your skin by sloughing and nourishing off skin cells. Oatmeal has a very soothing affect on the skin. Combined with Epsom salts to help detox your body and Dead Sea Salts to clear your energy and magnify detox, this bath salt is a lovely, powerful way to enhance your body and energy. Organic Wildflower Honey also soothes the skin, while pure organic essential oils let your mind and soul relax with the scents of Lavender and Vanilla. A palm size loofah mitt is included with this bath salt.

Honey & Oats Salt Bath ~ 10 ounces


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