Hawaiian Lava Salts. 10 ounces.  Bath Tea Bags Included.
This bath is designed to clear negative energy from your Mind, Body and Soul.  Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan sea salts are all combined to give you a nurturing, cleansing, deep energy cleanse in a relaxing bath.  Pure organic essential oils included in this bath recipe are Bergamot to clear your heart center, Clary Sage to cleanse Your Aura, Palo Santo to clear everything, your aura, your chakras and any yucky energies that are attached t your energy, Spearmint to lift your energy and raise your vibe, and Rosemary to help you clarify and feel clear. Rutilated quartz chips are mixed into this blend to clear your energy even further and raise your energy back up after cleansing.

Protection Bath Salt ~ 10 ounces with Bath Tea Bags

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