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Strut your Steampunk style with this velveteen Witch Hat. Embellished with a brown and white steampunk ribbon around the brim, large silk flowers of cream, brown, light green and purple, line the brim. Sprigs of wheat, peek out from under the Mums, Gardenias, and leaves leading the eye to the back of the hat where a matching lace veil drapes down to the shoulders. To set off the back of this hat, a large metallic looking silver ribbon also adorns the back of the hat with long ribbons hanging down past the shoulder blades.. A large brown ostrich plume adorns the back and reaches to the front of the cone. Steampunk gear jewelry is sewn onto the cone with a whimsical purple and black plume also adorning the point. Classic Steampunk Goggles are attached to this hat. Lined with velveteen inside. 21" circumference.

Steampunk Velveteen Witch Hat with Goggles. 21" circumference. OOAK

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