Take a walk through the woods while connecting to the energies of the Fairies all around you with this Magickal woodsy bath salt! 
Created with pure organic essential oils, including Cypress, Oakmoss, White Fir, Jasmine, Wintergreen, and Rose Bergamot along with Pure Dead Sea and Himalayan bath salts. Labradorite chips are added along with focused Fairy energy. It is a Magickal forest in a bottle! Labradorite is the stone of Magickal energy and mysticism.  It raises your intuition, opens your awareness and connects you to the higher realms of energies.

Bath Tea Bags Included. 6 ounces with wooden spoon included.

Woodland Fairy Bath Salts with Labradorite Chips ~ 6 ounces

4 ounces: Pouch